UI UX & Visual design.
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go. Digital insurance app

go. Digital insurance app

go. app design



go is a Digital Car Insurance app.
The app contains a message feed for the policyholder (main page), A series of buttons (footer) for transition to emergency procedures, and an additional button to access the details of the policy.

In designing the application, I tried to bridge the need to simplify as much as possible the processes in the application, both graphically and practically - with the understanding that the user would sometimes be found in complex situations, Along with the need to create a 'look and feel' that differentiates, facilitates and experiences in order to create a positive user experience and fun.

In the version I am presenting here, some changes have been made to the actual version of the product so that the application will better reflect my design taste


Work team: Idan Segev, Erez Eden, Danielle Goldberg, Natalie Kravitz

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