UI UX & Visual design.



Protection desktop app branding design





Light Cyber is a desktop application that includes a feature panel that does not exist in the existing defense software and various features of protection options on the body of the computer itself.

The presentation includes a wide range of design and branding work: the construction of a brand image and a brand and design language for the defense software. Building a structure and interface to its software and animation. Create a usage chronology video that shows the user's relationship and software from the marketing banner stage to the download of the paid PRO version of the software, and the design of an active marketing site for the software.






The branding and characterization of the software I created is based on that slogan.
The slogan expresses the social change in a world where physical power pales in comparison with the power of the geeks, the geniuses of computers who perceive and create positions of power in the new world.
The software offers a new and different approach than usual in the world of security, the characterization and experience of irrelevant physical power and lack of communication, to a media experience based on the wisdom of the Geek.







The media experience with the user is enhanced even when its use is accompanied by a chat-bot with the software presenter Alan (named after Alan Turing), the computer genius.


Work on the project required a reduction in the resolution and elaboration of the details. One of the unique products of this project is the collection of icons with the inherent language of the project.
The icons have also been animated, and by clicking on them they present a small animation.

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