UI UX & Visual design.
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Mini projects

go. Digital insurance app


Here I will present small projects, parts of projects that have not materialized, interesting sketches, etc.

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Advanced sketches for INTRO screens
Business application, Bank Hapoalim

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I used those tiny figures in different colors, some sketch

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Ideas, not shine in drawers




A platform for developing ideas and projects.
The platform offers the user to use a variety of tools and capabilities to get the idea out of the drawer on the way to realization.
Ideas, not shiny in drawers
The platform offers different methods for the success of the project.

The name "RAW" and the branding language were chosen as representatives of the early stages of idea development and creation, With the understanding that at the raw stage, as in a germ, there is often great insight or potential

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Schemas are mental structures providing a framework for representing some aspect of the world.

The site enables us to explore graphic formulations that symbolize mental structures, and to help them explore different expressions and concepts in psychology

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