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ORCA and other logos

ORCA. creative logos


orca. logo (no. 01)

ORCA. Oceans of knowledge



Orca is considered one of the most intelligent animals. The Orca is equipped with sonar that allow it to live in bands with very high communication capabilities.The extraordinary intelligence, the high media, the migration between new spaces and the ability to dive deep, connected the Orca to a publishing house.
The position chosen for the logo is its typical orca tail, which rises out of the water. This position leaves most of the orca exposed and not visible.


orca. logo (no. 02)

That’s how energy looks

Norwegian hydroelectric corporation logo. designed using the orca whale

Orca combines two seemingly contradictory properties: mass and speed. Orca is massive and large and yet because of its unique properties sailing at high speeds in the sea. These connections in Orca guided me in deciding to represent a northern energy corporation (hydroelectric).


Chinese medicine
— Logo design for Chinese medicine practitioners and various medical methods from the Far East
רפואה סינית.png
Pecha Kucha
— Logo of the design festival Pecha Kucha. The format of the performances at the festival is short, time-limited lectures on a variety of topics from the world of design
פצה קוצה.png
— Personal logo for children's imaginary channel Zeo. The channel presents various content related to the animal world
Better Together
— Logo for THE-JOINT organization for Mutav-Yachdav program. The program encourages the organization of neighborhood residents into leading and active groups in their neighborhood
מוטב יחדיו.png
Ma’ase Hoshev | Work of art
— Logo for architectural office and management of construction projects
מעשה חושב.png
The Nonsense museum
— Logo for an imaginary museum on nonsense and nonsense design
מוזיאון נונסנס.png
— Logo for Conceptual Enterprise Project. Done together with designer Avisar Goldman